Portraits of American Veterans Project
By Jeanine Hill-Soldner

De YipG Louie
by Jeanine Hill-Soldner

De Yip G. Louie
United States Army, T5
World War II, Philippines, Korea 1945-47

Chinese immigrant Louie was drafted into the US Army at the age of 18 while traveling with the Dante Magic Show. He was not aware at the time, that he had been drafted into the Army. The FBI tracked him down in San Antonio, Texas where he was jailed for draft evasion. After release from jail Louie followed the draft orders and reported for duty at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, then on to boot camp at Camp Robinson, Arkansas. He was stationed in the Philippines and South Korea. Louie was discharged from the Army in 1947 and received his US Citizenship in 1955. He went on to become a world renowned magician, whose magic show travelled the world. He was also a model and actor in television commercials. Louie and wife Arlene raised a daughter Frances Mai-Ling who is a musician and assistant to Jeanine Hill-Soldner, during the first year donating her time and talents to help start the PAVP.

Home: Spring Grove, IL.

Medium: Oil on canvas
Size: 30" x 40"
Price: Not For Sale