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Vibrant Textures: Community and Spirit

It is with great pleasure that we present "Vibrant Textures: Community and Spirit" in honor of Black History Month. Taking on the lively and effervescent traditions of yore, the artists present eclectic and resonant pieces that harken back to the past and also offer a contemporary context for the vivid and valuable customs of the African American community. With rich textiles, carved forms, and significant words etched into the canvas, Ramona Candy and Margaret Rose Vendryes approach the traditional aesthetic of the African diaspora to communicate the historic ties with traditional arts and crafts. Read More .

"Vibrant Textures: Community and Spirit" will be on display through March 1, 2013. This 7th annual Black History month exhibition is jointly produced by the GE Art Program and Picture That, LLC. If you have any questions about any of the work in the exhibition, please contact Picture That LLC at 203-977-8203 or fineart@picture-that.com.

African American gallery
Pride gallery
Asian gallery
Veterans gallery
Hispanic gallery
Women gallery