Picture That  

Jon H. Davis
Nyack, NY

Jon H. Davis is an artist, photographer, and videographer whose work reflects his love of the natural world, ancient arts, and global adventure. His world travels date back to the mid-70s, when he became enchanted with Asia. He continues to explore off-the-beaten path destinations from Alaska and Bhutan to Yakushima and Zanzibar, creating art expressing his vision of people, places, and practices.

In addition to his vast inventory of photographs from around the world, Davis creates colorful contemporary artworks inspired by Tibetan mandalas (cosmic maps of the universe). Working with a process he calls “digital alchemy,” he transforms his photographs and paintings into mandalas embodying spirit of place by incorporating elements, textures, and patterns from nature. These works are available in limited-edition archival prints as well as in digital installations and are the subject of the book, The Magic and Mystique of Mandalas.

His documentaries and cultural videos have been screened at institutions such as the United Nations, Parks Canada, and the Rubin Museum of Art. His travel and arts DVDs have also been shown by the Travel Channel, Goodnews Broadcast, the Compulsive Traveler, and Lonely Planet.

Trained in fine arts, graphic design, and photography at the Brooks Institute of Fine Art and Photography in Santa Barbara, California, his photographs–including ships from the Indian Ocean, sculptures from Japan, food from Thailand, and totem poles from Canada–have been published in many national magazines. And his alluring contemporary mandalas and iconic American landscape photographs have been exhibited nationally at museums, galleries, and in private collections.

"Mandalas are empowering. They may be decorative works, sacred art, or both. They have been used for centuries as a focal point during meditation by many ancient cultures throughout the world. Mandalas may facilitate healing, invoke a deep sense of calm and well-being, or inspire creative energies."
(From The Magic and Mystique of Mandalas: Art of Jon H. Davis by Iris Brooks)

As a digital alchemist, on a quest for a new artistic elixir, I create mandalas by balancing chaos and harmony through sacred geometry. Inspiration comes from ancient arts, modern science, and global traditions. The elements from which my works evolve are drawn from a myriad of photographs I have taken around the world, nature, and other secret ingredients, which are gathered, layered, and melded together with my own method of alchemical transmutation. Offering a glimpse into the infinite, mandalas involve the imagination–referencing archetypal motifs, incorporating unexpected forms and visions–while inspiring wholeness and, quite possibly, new discovery.