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Jeanine Hill-Soldner

Chicago area artist Jeanine Hill-Soldner is an award winning nationally recognized artist bringing more than 30 years of painting experience to her artwork. Born in Quantico, Virginia and raised in a military family she moved frequently. Her love of art began at an early age and continued as her lifelong passion. She holds a B A in Art Ed. from University of Florida and an M A in Art Ed. from University of Illinois. After many years of teaching she now focuses on painting, drawing and studio work. She is founder of "Portraits of American Veterans Project."

The Artist creates colorful, lyrical paintings with a focus on the figure and portraits working with drawing, oils and acrylic media. Her lifelong world travels have influenced her work. The Artistís work has exhibited in museums and galleries in the U.S. including the Milwaukee Art Museum, Museum of Fine Art Florida State U., National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago, Boston Fine Art Institute and more than 100 juried group and solo shows and can be found in public and private collections in the U.S. Germany and Ireland. She has been honored with features in many newspaper and magazine publications throughout the years. The Artistís Profile is featured on the PBS program Real Simple TV nationwide WTTW Artbeat, Fox News Chicago and Northwest Herald Multimedia.

"My art has been described as innovative, powerful and thought provoking. By bridging the boundaries between abstraction and representation I reveal everyday moments with my unique visual language. I want to create new meanings from the everyday milieu, and capture the viewerís imagination with rich content that illustrates lifeís experiences through visual narrative. All subjects fill my portfolio, with the portrait and figure being dominant. I work from life, drawings, photographs, and a lot of imagination. I also believe that art is healing, and that art in all of its forms provide a connections to all of humanity throughout time.

Painting is a singular contemplative activity providing me with the unique opportunity to explore the limitless possibilities of space and time. From the idea in my mindís eye to the final painting, there is no end to what can be achieved with oil paintís sensuous qualities. Painting brings me closer the deepest and most sublime moments in life. I find a unique visual richness in the everyday world around me, and in the people, places and events that shape our time." 2011

Owner of Soldner Fine Art Studio located in the Lakeside Legacy Arts Park in Crystal Lake, Illinois, Jeanine can be found painting almost every day. Original paintings and drawings are for sale and custom commissions are always welcome.